New Farm

The New Farm boundaries are marked by Harcourt Street in the west, Chester Street, Gibbon Street, Beeston Street, Kingsholme Street, Macquarie Street and Merthyr Road in the north, the Brisbane River in the east and south.

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New Farm Park


The Teneriffe boundaries are marked by Doggett and Wyandra Street in the west, the Brisbane River in the north and east, and Kingsholme Street and Chester Street in the south.

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Brisbane City

The CBD is a triangular shaped area bounded by the Brisbane Rive to the east, south and west, and is divided by its Spring Hill neighbour in the north by Wickham Terrace.

Brisbane City is built on one of the original river exploration landing sites, and was settled as a convict colony in 1825. History documents Brisbane’s beginnings as one of the harshest penal settlements to which the worst of the convicts were sent. Today remnants of the early history are dotted amongst the skyscrapers, providing a mixed bag of architecture and backdrop for a vibrant city-life.

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Bowen Hills

As a former industrial base, Bowen Hills has shed its gritty past in favour of a shiny cosmopolitan skin.

With much of its northern and eastern boundaries marked by Breakfast Creek, the western perimeter becomes Bowen Bridge Road, while the south and south-eastern border weaves through several smaller streets neighbouring Fortitude Valley and Newstead.

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Spring Hill

Bounded by the city along Wickham Terrace and a railway line next to Gregory Terrace, Spring Hill is also bordered by parts of Ann St, St Paul’s Tce, Warry and Kennigo Streets.

Brisbane’s oldest suburb, coined in name as it was the site of a creek which provided Brisbane with its first water supply.

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Petrie Terrace

A little inner-city precinct identified by the popular “Barracks” which features heritage listed buildings of the former Petrie Terrace Police Depot refurbished into a retail destination.

In the west the boundary runs along Hale Street, the east is bordered by Countess Street while the northern perimeter is marked by Musgrave Road, and the southern by Milton Road.

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